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Semaglutide Weight Loss Telehelath Program 
To get started, Schedule a consultation at Desired Beauty Aesthetics to get signed up for the Semaglutide Weight Loss Telehealth in the office!
Click here to Schedule!
(When directed to the page click on the consultations tab)

The Collaborative Physician with Desired Beauty Aesthetics offers this program. Any and all payments are through the physician's online/telehealth program. This program is directly through the collaborative physician. Desired Beauty Aesthetics doesn't receive those payments. Any issues with payment or canceling the program must be done through the physicians website for the Semaglutide weight loss telehealth program.

Only $299 a month! The program doesn't increase in price with the increase of dosages!! Yes you read that correct! (The only increase that could be possible is the program itself increasing the price per month.) The monthly fee includes all medication for the month, all telehealth consultations, and communication with the physician (consult) for additional medication, such as mediation for nausea. The client is responsible to pay for the additional medications at their pharmacy.

Desired Beauty Aesthetics is your location for the Semaglutide injections to be administered. All injections are given by the nurse injector per the physician's direction/order. One injection a week. Desired Beauty Aesthetics only charges a $25 office fee for the weekly visits for your injection. 

Coming Soon! Starting 11/21/23
IV Infusions and IM Injections for your health and wellness! (Please schedule a free consultation with nurse for more information if needed)

All treatments will require medical clearance from the collaborative physician first. Same-day Medical Clearance so you get what you need NOW!!

No insurance needed and/or used for all treatments at Desired Beauty Aesthetics. Must be 18 years or older for treatments.

Clients will fill out a form for medical clearance. (The form will be prompted when you schedule your appointment) 

  • NO fee for medical clearance!

  • Consent and waiver form is part of your medical clearance form.

  • To schedule appointments, click on "Book Online" once the services have started. 

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