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Before and After Pictures 

As Clients continue to give consent to post their pictures, we will upload them to this page! You may need to view it from a desktop to see the full picture posted. The mobile phone version doesn't give the full picture. 

image_6483441 (2).JPG

Lip Augmentation
Top picture is before the client had any filler. No history of filler in the past either. Middle picture is after the client had one full syringe. The bottom picture is from the second full syringe. (Each syringe was injected at separate visits. This allows the lips to heal before the next syringe)

lip flip_edited.jpg

Lip Flip with BOTOX
Top lip flipped using Botox


Body Sculpting after 6 sessions

C6E53706-3EE7-4CB2-8CC7-D8EFDEE9BAF2 (2).jpeg

Body Sculpting after 6 sessions with  treatment areas

Before any treatment and then after all recommended treatments! Client continued her regular workout routine and maintained her normal diet. It was amazing to see the transformation to these amazing results!

before filler_edited.jpg
after filler_edited.jpg


This client had a lip Augmentation with Juvederm Ultra XC.

Asymmetry corrected and Added Volume for the "plump" look.  

before and after Brittany, body sculpting with hormaonal fat_edited.jpg

Body Sculpting after

6 sessions

6 sessions for this client. It also helped her with the break through of hormonal weight. She has since continued with sculpting to get optimal and long lasting results! 

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